Passionate Tango Dance Silhouette

Tango Dance Silhouette

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Showing four positions, this Tango dance silhouette begins with a llevada. This move includes the woman’s leg hooked around the man with her other leg straight. The man holds her firmly and continues the movement allowing her foot to drag across the floor. In the second image both partners are gazing into each other’s eyes while the mad is holding her in an embrace and the lady’s leg is hooked around the man’s. The third picture shows the duo at the beginning of a quebrada. With this step the woman and man are in a closed grip while the lady hangs her weight on the man. The other foot is marginally raised with the toe grazing the ground. The last pair is executing a sentada where the lady appears to mount the man’s leg. It is typically used at the end of a dance. Tango exudes a sense of passion that can be felt by all who watch. These figures could be utilized on a dance program or on a website to display the artisanship involved in the art of Tango

Uploaded: 11-30-12
Tango clip art, seduction graphic, illustration showing classically trained performers, passionate couple dancers with white background, image of passion, bright red dress, Latin lover, sophisticated art, techniques, display dance techniques on stage, portrays elegance and grace, dance the night away, moves gracefully across the floor.
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