Latin Salsa Dance Silhouette

Salsa Dance Silhouette

Stock Image Description

This Salsa dance silhouette shows four different positions utilized in South American Salsa couple dancing. In the first clipart, the man is utilizing a normal closed hold while the pair does a standard mambo step. In the second icon both partners are gazing into each other’s eyes while the male dips the female back slightly. The third vector shows the duo at the beginning of a “dile que si” which starts with the basic step. The man always moves forward while the woman is bent slightly back, and executes the basic step in that fashion. The final figure shows the fellow utilizing a double dip grip, while the woman’s leg is bent back at a hip height level. The lady arches her back, leans back and emphasizes a long neck. This image portrays a sense of spicy professionalism and would be best used to promote a Latin dance night, Salsa classes or another dance related event.

Uploaded: 10-08-12
Four clip art couples doing the Salsa, flamenco dancing graphic, glamour illustration showing classically trained performers, tutorial with white background, passion, bright red dress with crimson high heels, dapper in a fine tailored black suit, Latin lovers, sophisticated techniques, routine on stage, portrays elegance and grace, flexible bodies, relentless practice, go out for a night of fun, moves across the floor and hold each other tight, half dip move.
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