Intelligent Cartoon Owl Clipart

Owl Clipart

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Amusing cartoon illustration of brown intelligent owl clipart standing and relaxing in the air without tree branch, ready for blending into any twilight or night graphic scenery. This wide awake wise bird is looking into far distance at something really interesting, silently observing the surrounding with its slow, peaceful manner and meditative poise.

Uploaded: 06-26-12
Cute owl clip art, brown cartoon bird illustration, dazzled gaze, surprised, round face expression, content meditation, peaceful state, digital art painting graphic, solitary, nocturnal quiet animal image, circular big yellow and black wide open eyes, good night vision and eyesight, short small wings, interesting texture feather pattern, white background, symbolizes intelligence, smart mind, silent observation, stillness, thirst for knowledge, wisdom, see hidden things, stealth, prophecy, scholar.
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