Honey Bee Clip Art & Flower Present

Bee Clip Art

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Illustration of a sweet cartoon bee clipart, flying in the air, holding a beautiful flower present to give to the loved one, perhaps on a Valentine‘s day, happy birthday, wedding or bridal shower event. Great graphic for any decoration print template as stunning background image or a unique memorable cool bee icon for your website header logo. Check Hummingbird image for similar tiny flying creatures that symbolize joy and dedication.

Uploaded: 06-28-12
Humble pollination honey bee image, giving present as surprise, happy, big beautiful sun flower clip art plant, yellow brown stripes, lovely, adorable, cute cartoon flying insect illustration, kind, loving, satisfied, friendly smiley face graphic, long sharp worker bee sting, six pair of legs, white background, transparent wings, pretty gift print for thank you, wedding, holiday or party invitation card ideas.
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