Ballerina Silhouette Practice Dancing

Ballerina Silhouette

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This ballet clipart shows four ballerinas in various poses wearing different outfits. This silhouette set portrays a sense of elegance as well as shows a young dancer perhaps progressing through her career. The first illustration shows a thin ballerina after a performance walking off a stage. The subsequent ballerina is in second position and is dressed in a dark leotard with pink skirt. The next girl is a child dressed in a multi-colored leotard with a bow in her hair. She looks as though she is ready for her first performance. The final ballerina has a black bodysuit with a long rose colored skirt and is bent over as she finishes her recital. This image is perfect to get the girls excited about all ballet has to offer.

Uploaded: 12-30-12
Dancing clip art, four ladies posing graphic, ballerina, silhouettes, illustration showing classically trained performers, image of a ballet troupe, foursome with white background, sophisticated dance lesson, standing on tip toes, professional ballerinas, acting out a routine on stage, portrays elegance and grace, faceless figurines, storytelling through movement, skilled acting, relentless practice, like a swan, flowing across the floor, remember ballet positions, dance tutorial.
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