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Angel Clip Art

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Cartoon cherub angel clipart with little wings holding a miniature gold colored harp. This baby girl Christmas angel has brown hair, with adorable curls, and an elliptical yellow halo above her head. With stunning green eyes and blushing cheeks, this cherub wears a white and light grey toga wrapped around her chubby torso. The toga perfectly matches her feather inspired seraph wings. The overall image portrays a sense of innocence and an appearance of heaven.

Uploaded: 07-28-12
Cute angel illustration, female fairy image, white background, beautiful people graphic, blameless, round, plump, musical instrument, spirit, floating on a cloud, child-like, divine, virtuous, honest, moral, worthy, notes, feathers, gown, nimbus, radiance, crown, circle of light, barefoot, ancient Greek garment, Roman robe, God's messenger, Garden of Eden, archangel, divine being, celestial guardian, holy spirit, spiritual presence, sprite, supernatural, heaven and paradise, child, babe, baby, little one, young girl.
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